TITLE: A Day In The Life


EMAIL: lex@bitchenvy.com

RATING: a strong R for sexual situations

SYNOPSIS: Giles is having an odd day. How odd, you ask? Read on.

DISCLAIMER: Rupert Giles, alas, is not mine. He belongs, tweed and all, to someone else. No copyright infringement intended.

NOTES: Bear with me, I'm suffering through a heinous case of writer's block. This is me trying to write coherently, without much success.

Rupert Giles was having an odd day.

It had started off early in the morning. Snyder had actually apologized to him in the teacher's lounge, sorry for his Nazi-esque behavior the day of the book burning. Giles' jaw had nearly hit the ground when the little man stopped him and asked for his forgiveness.

Later in the afternoon, he had received a FedEx package from the Watcher's Council containing every memo he had not gotten during his tenure on the Hellmouth. The note in the box said that someone had forgotten to clean out his mailbox at the Headquarters, and that they were so terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

Then Buffy had arrived early for practice, and worked diligently at her swordwork until he had to call her off, for fear that he would never be able to feel his own arms again. At that point, Faith had arrived, and the two of them went off to patrol with no arguments whatsoever.

Xander, Willow and Oz had stopped by after the Slayers had left, wanting to know if Giles needed anything...a hand with the research, something to eat, anything at all. He had shaken his head, thanked them nicely and sent them on their way.

But the clincher of the day had to be this, he mused, looking down at his lap where Cordelia currently had her head buried. She was sucking his cock quite enthusiastically, her head bobbing up and down, sending the silky strands of her dark hair cascading over his thighs.

If this was what the Hellmouth threw at him from now on, well, he could get used to it.

With no problem.