Title: Such A Nice Man...

Author: Lex

E-mail: lex@bitchenvy.com

Synopsis: Dru meets a nice man in the park while she searches Sunnydale for Spike.

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine. No money. No sue.

Content: A Trick/Dru smutlet

Note: For KatieV, the Glitter Goddess! Happy Birthday, babe!

Note No. 2: Obviously, Dru is *not* my specialty...but whatever Katie wants, she gets. This fic has not be betaed, so the blame for this falls squarely on my head.

Drusilla spoke softly to Miss Edith as she wandered through the park. "I don't know why my Spike left me...he's ever so mean, Miss Edith. Why is he such a mean man?"

Miss Edith's glass eyes stared unblinkingly at her.

"I know he was hurt when he saw me kissing that lovely demon...but his antlers felt so good...all slimy and cool..."

The doll remained silent.

"What did you say, Miss Edith?" Drusilla held the doll up to her ear. "I should find a nice man? One that won't be nasty to me? What happened to my Daddy? Oh, that's right, Daddy loves the Slayer. Daddy always loves the Slayer. Bad Daddy."

All of a sudden, from behind her, Drusilla heard fallen leaves crunch, as though someone were stepping on them. With a snarl, her face shifted into the rough ridges of the demon. She whirled around to face the threat, but stopped short when she saw the man before her.

He was tall and thin, with dark skin. His face was smooth, mortal, but she knew he was a vampire. She could feel the power emanating off of him, and she was drawn to it. Cautiously, she sidled over to him. "Are you a nice man?" she called out.

The man grinned ruthlessly. "I like to think so, my dear. Why don't you come over here and find out for yourself?"

She shifted anxiously on her feet, keening softly. "I don't know...Spike says never to talk to strangers..."

The man held out his hand. "My name's Trick. What's yours?"

"Drusilla. And this here's Miss Edith. She's my friend."

"Hello, Drusilla. There, you see, we're no longer strangers." Trick beckoned her with his outstretched hand.

Brightening, she snatched up her skirts and made her way to his side. She peered up at him, cocking her face slightly. "Your face is lovely...'tis a beautiful song, I can hear it playing in my head..."

Abruptly, Trick reached out and pulled Drusilla's unprotesting form against his body. "You're quite a number yourself, girl." He ducked his head, capturing her lips in a brutal kiss.

Drusilla squeaked into his mouth, Miss Edith caught between their two bodies. Trick pulled back, her blood smeared on his lips.

Her eyes wide, she asked him, "Are you going to hurt me?"

"Do you want me to?" he countered, backing her up against a nearby tree.

A wicked smile crossed her pale face. "Oh yes..." She tossed Miss Edith to the ground, and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing herself against him.

Obligingly, he caught the hem of her dress, yanking it up her thighs to her waist. She was bare beneath, all dark hair and silky moist flesh. Winding her longs legs around him, she rubbed her wetness against the hard bulge in his pants, soaking the gaily colored fabric.

Drusilla whimpered, the back of his hand rubbing her as he unbuttoned his pants, ridding himself of the encumbrance. Clenching her round ass in his hands, he slammed into her, causing her to screech loudly and squirm violently. "Ooooooo..." she whimpered as his cock invaded her delicate passage roughly and the bark at her back ripped her skin raw.

Trick ignored her, intent on his own pleasure. He fucked her quickly, goring her luscious body. As his orgasm approached, he swiftly bared her neck and tore into her flesh. She keened wildly as her blood rushed into him, leaving her dizzy and trembling as her body exploded into a climax brought on by his savagery. He followed her into ecstasy, both cock and fangs embedded deeply within her.

As he came out of the haze of pleasure, he could hear her whispering something in that singsong voice of hers. He turned his head so he could look at her face.

She smiled dreamily, her face peaceful despite its ridges. "You were right...you are such a nice man..."


The End