TITLE: Play Time

AUTHOR: Anon. E. Mouse (aka Lex)

EMAIL: lex@bitchenvy.com


CONTENT: girl/girl bestiality

DISCLAIMER: Willow and the AmyRat do not belong to me. I am one of only two people sick enough to do this. I think this story would frighten Joss beyond redemption.

SYNOPSIS: What was the *real* reason Willow was so hesitant to change Amy back into human form?

BLAME: Can go directly onto Tamara's head. I was talking to her when this popped into my brain, so it can't possibly be my fault, can it?

WARNING: Those of you who are big Willow fans may not want to look. It gets ugly.


Throwing her bookbag into a heap in the corner, Willow rushed into her bedroom. The school day had taken *forever*, and then Giles wanted to go over some obscure text. All Willow wanted was to get home so that she could see her.

Amy. Or, rather, the AmyRat.

Her new love.

It was kind of like being with Oz, in that they were both animals...but Oz's wolf form was useless. Not like the AmyRat. The AmyRat was beautiful. She had silky brown fur (silky indeed, for Willow shampooed her every day), and gleaming brown eyes, and a wonderfully long tail.

Opening up the top of the wire cage, Willow scooped Amy out of the cedar chips. "Hello, sweetheart," Willow crooned, kissing Amy's head. "I'm home. I thought about you all day at school...did you think about me?"

Amy squeaked.

Willow smiled fondly, and walked over to the cd player. She hit play, and the low strains of Barry White rumbled out from the speakers. "Music just for us, honey."

Cradling Amy to her chest, Willow danced around the room slowly, looking deeply into the rodent's eyes. She could see the love written plainly there...or maybe it was just the need for a piece of cheese.


Amy's pink tongue licked out, moistening Willow's hand. The redhead felt an answering surge of moisture well up within her core. "Amy..." Willow moaned, pressing the rat against her chest, opening her shirt one-handed. Amy nibbled through Willow's bra, to the hard nipple beneath. "Harder..." Amy bit harder, gnawing wildly.

Suddenly, the pressure between her thighs overwhelmed Willow, and she threw herself to the bed. She laid on her back, her hands thrown up next to her head with abandon. Amy scurried down Willow's chest, to her thighs. Crawling between them, Amy set to work tearing through the underpants. Willow obligingly lifted her skirt, moving the plaid fabric out of the way.

Willow was moaning, begging her rodent lover for release. Amy curled up against Willow's dripping wet folds, rubbing against the moisture, coating herself in Willow's essence. She attacked the girl's clit, nibbling and licking. Willow let out a strangled scream as she fought not to clamp her legs together. It wouldn't do to squoosh Amy to death. That 'Thighs of Steel' tape had really worked wonders for Willow.

Feeling Amy's head poke into her wet cave, Willow let out a scream and a gush of fluid, drenching Amy in her release. As Willow's body shuddered, Amy worked her way up to Willow's chest, nestling contentedly between her breasts.

Willow sighed. Give the AmyRat up? Never.