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Dude. I'm on a roll! More X-Men.





New fandom. It's only badfic, unfortunately, but it is *something*.

Cowboy Hat Blues



New fic. I guess I'm averaging one every two years or so.

It's a entry writting for the B/A Fluffython. (Yes, it is B/A, and it is definitely rated NC-17.)




A new fic! No one pass out from the shock, okay?

This time it's an 'Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter' fic.

Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing, rated NC-17 for Anita/Jason adult sexual activity.



Must be something about June that makes me want to update, huh? <grin>

  1. Finally, a permanent address. Tamara and I own this domain, so we're here for ETERNITY. Or, until we stop paying for it. But probably for ETERNITY.
  2. No BtVS/Angel updates ever again, because I've stopped writing and watching. Didn't watch the last season of either show, and I haven't written a word in that fandom in more than a year. Joss and I got a divorce.
  3. There is some Witchblade fic that is new. I have a few WIPs that I may or may not finish, depending on my mood.
  4. There might also be JAG, Anita Blake, and Gargoyles fic here eventually, if I ever finish the damn drafts.


It's been a year, but I've FINALLY written something.

CRAZY IN LOVE is an ADULT Darla/Lindsey piece, set after the season finale. Lindsey wasn't too happy with the way Darla left things, so he tracked her down to give her a piece of his, uh, mind.

It's been a while, so let me know how it was.

As for the archive itself, it finally has its forever home here at


Happy Labor Day!

I've finally written something, so I'm updating. :->

In the GENERAL section, check out FLESH AND BLOOD. It's the fic that every B/A shipper had to write after IWRY.

In the ADULT section, the story I wrote for PASSION 2 is finally available. THE FIRST TASTE is Buffy's POV of the missing scenes in Surprise. You know the ones. <G>

As always, let me know what you thought of the fic.


Many of you have been emailing me, asking me why I haven't updated this archive in a while. The answer is simple:

I haven't written anything.

I've always drawn my inspiration from the show itself, and lately, I find myself no longer even wanting to watch BtVS. Season 4 has sucked my will to write down the drain.

There is one new story. It is an adult piece, entitled 'Chilled To The Core'. It's a Buffy/Riley mindfuck. I dislike Riley intensely, and this fic is not particularly kind to him. Please read it and let me know what you think!

For everyone who has written me regarding Deal II: And Angelus Makes Three, I thank you profusely for your interest. It means a lot to me, and so I hate to say this, but I think I have to. Reality being what it is, barring divine intervention, DII will never be finished. It's been 'mostly done' for over a year, but I don't care for what I've written. I haven't had the inspiration to do anything about it in a very long time, and I don't think I will. I'm tremendously sorry. :-(


Questions? Comments?