This series of stories begins late Season Three. Pretend everything after "Amends" never happened. So, no eighteenth birthday hell, no Wesley, no Faith working for the Mayor, no impending Ascension, etc. Also, Cordelia has forgiven Xander for screwing around with Willow. Don't ask why, just accept. This is very much the "Lexverse"; this is my take on the end of Season Three and beyond.

This is dedicated to several people. Without them, I would have never written, let alone posted, it. So, thank-yous go to the following kickass women:


Come Tomorrow

RATED NC-17. PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18. Angel knows he has to leave Sunnydale, but he spends one last night in the arms of his beloved. (Buffy/Angel)

Torn Apart

RATED R. Sequel to "Come Tomorrow". Angel's gone for good. Giles and Faith find out just how badly Buffy takes it.

Long Way Down: The Beginning

RATED R. Sequel to "Torn Apart". Buffy finds out just how long it takes for her to hit bottom. Meanwhile, Angel works on his own way down.




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